Comodo Instant SSL Premium Certificate
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Total Domain : 1
Total Savings : $180
Total Cost : $180
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Vulnerability Assessment
Organization Validation
Issuance : 1-3 Days
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Malware Scan
$250,000 Warranty
SAN Support
Site Seal: Dynamic
Reissue : Unlimited
Server Licensing: Unlimited
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Comodo Instant SSL Premium Certificate - Overview

The Comodo InstantSSL Premium features 128/256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit signature key. With99.9% browser ubiquity, there’s not a device or browser that won’t be protected while visiting your site. The Comodo InstantSSL Premium is an Organization Validated (OV) certificates that offers tremendous value to company websites. This certificate features an unbelievable combination of encryption and trust; so, not only will your website be safe to do business with, your customers will know that your website is safe to do business with. That’s because the Comodo Premium SSL will activate https and the padlock icon in your URL bar, along with including the reputable Comodo Site Seal on your site – which users can click to see real-time company information.And best of all, the Comodo InstantSSL Premium comes backed by a massive $250,000 warranty. Not only will your customers have peace of mind, but you will too knowing that you’re protected for up to $250,000 in the event anything goes wrong on Comodo’s end. This cert also comes with the dynamic Comodo Secure site seal, which allows your customers to click and see all of your company’s registration information.

Security & Encryption Strength 

As a premier OV certificate, the Comodo InstantSSL Premium can be signed with the industry standard 2048-bit root while offering full 256-bit encryption. Plus, this certificate comes with a year of FREE PCI scanning and daily website vulnerability scanning.


This certificate comes backed by a $1,750,000 warranty, the largest in the industry. Also, reissuance insurance and a free installation checker make purchasing and installing this certificate a breeze.

Symantec™ also offers the NetSure™ Protection Plan. This plan protects customers from certain losses, up to $1,750,000, incurred as a result of a breach. When you purchase this certificate, you receive the benefits and peace of mind that comes with having the ultimate assurance.

Validation Process

As an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, the Comodo InstantSSL Premium requires that a company complete a light vetting process before issuance. However, this process only takes between 1-3 Days typically. This certificate also includes unlimited server licenses after issuance.

Browser Compatibility

The Comodo InstantSSL Premium is recognized by 99.9% of web and mobile browsers—pretty much all of them, including the most recent versions.

Product Specification And Features

  • Issued In Within 1-3 Days
  • Validation of both domain name and company details
  • Domain Name and Business Name Shown On Certificate
  • Highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256 bit encryption
  • 99% Browser Compatibile
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Dynamic - TrustLogo delivers real-time verification of business identity
  • Waurranty $250,000
  • Unlimited Reissuance
  • 1 year free PCI scanning service, 1 year free daily website vulnerability scanning
  • $250,000 Relying Party Warranty