GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard Certificate
Number Of Server :
Additional Domain(s) :
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Total Domain : 1
Total Savings : $234
Total Cost : $156
Green Bar.
Vulnerability Assessment
Organization Validation
Issuance : Minutes
Seal in Search
Malware Scan
$1,250,000 Warranty
SAN Support
Site Seal: Dynamic
Reissue : Unlimited
Server Licensing: Unlimited
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Site Seal (Dynamic)

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard Certificate - Overview

GeoTrust® Wildcards make it possible for e-commerce businesses to manage just one certificate while securing unlimited hostnames. By installing one GeoTrust Wildcard, issued to *, you’ll be able to protect every subdomain you need. This certificate is compatible with over 99% of browsers and offers top-level encryption that’s ideally suited for more robust SMB ecommerce sites.

Security & Encryption Strength 

The GeoTrust® True BusinessID Wildcard offers a high 256-bit encryption and is signed with a 2048-bit root, which is the same level of encryption that the other top-end certificates offer. The main difference between this OV certificate and a top-level EV certificate, like the GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain with EV (SAN/UCC), is the presence of the green address bar, which is the most universally symbol of trust across the internet.

SAN & Multi Domain Support

This GeoTrust® Wildcard is exclusively for protecting subdomains, all within one base domain name.  If you need other domain names protected that don’t meet the criterion above, we have aGeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi Domain (SAN/UCC) solution available that might just be your answer.

Validation Process

Give your online customers the instant assurance they need with the Smart Seal, the https display, and the padlock icon, visual indicators that establish your website as a trustworthy place to make purchases. Authentication for this certificate typically takes between 1-3 Days, following the receipt of your business documents. This certificate puts customers at ease with its clickable padlock that reveals your company's registered information and security details. This fully authenticated certificate applies astrong layer of security and trust across your array of hostnames.

Mobile & Browser compatibility

This Wildcard boasts strong mobile compatibility, including: Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Palm/Handspring Blazer 2.0+, Apple Iphone, Ipad Safari, Netfront 3.0+, Blackberry, AT&T. More than likely, a majority of your customers will use these type of devices to access your site, and they will be extremely appreciative of your tech-friendly organization.

Product Specification And Features

  • Secure multiple sites on multiple servers.
  • Fully Owned Roots (not chained)
  • Unlimited sub domains on a single Domain Name
  • Issued In 1-3 Days
  • Business and Domain Validation
  • Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only
  • FREE self-service reissues during validity period
  • High 256-bit encryption 2048 bit root Certificate
  • FREE lifetime, self-service reissues
  • Includes a True Site identity assurance Smart Seal - embedded organization name /date/time stamp
  • Compatible with 99%+ of all browsers
  • Unlimited Server Licenses at no extra cost
  • $1,250,000 Warranty