Symantec Safe Site
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Total Domain : 1
Total Savings : $140
Total Cost : $458
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Organization Validated
Issuance : 1-3 Days
Seal in Search
Malware Scan
SAN Support
Reissue : Unlimited
Site Seal
Site Seal (Dynamic)

Symantec Safe site - Overview

The Symantec Safe Site allows your business to display the most trusted site seal in the world on your website. The Norton Secure Seal is displayed all over the web more than a half a billion times a day across 170 countries. Online shoppers know that this seal is synonymous with reputable and that your company has been vetted by an industry leader in web security. Since this is not an SSL certificate, no encryption is provided, but it is an excellent security product for websites without a need for SSL but looking for a boost in trust. This product also comes with daily malware scanning and Symantec’s Seal-in-Search technology, which display the popular Norton symbol next to your URL in search engines.

Security & Encryption Strength 

Since this is not an SSL certificate, it does not perform any encryption between a browser and server. However, it is still considered a security product, since it performs daily malware scanning and your company must be vetted before it is issued. If you are looking for a comparable SSL certificate, we would recommend the Symantec Secure Site.


Unfortunately, the Symantec Safe Site is not available with a warranty.

Validation Process

Symantec Safe Site is an Organization validated (OV) Certificate , your company must complete a light vetting process that typically takes between 1-3 Days. Once the validation process is completed, the seal will be issued and you will be able to proudly display the trusted Norton and Symantec name on your website for all of your web visitors to see.

Browser Compatibility

The Safe Site can be read across virtually all major browsers and mobile devices.

Product Specification And Features

  • Includes the Norton™ Secured Seal– which is shown more than half a billion times every day on sites in 170 countries – proven to build instant trust and boost online sales
  • Symantec™ Site Seal-in-search makes your search results stand out and lets searchers know they'll be clicking through to a Symantec™ protected site
  • Give your customers the confidence to click. You can generate confidence by displaying a Norton Secured Seal on websites and in search engine results.
  • Includes organization authentication to verify your business and website
  • Increase user trust & confidence
  • Comes with Norton daily anti-malware scanning to protect your site from malicious threats
  • Issued within 1-3 Days
  • Symantec Safe Site is a fully Business Validated site seal (dynamic)
  • Norton Secured Seal, the most recognized trust mark on the Internet*
  • Daily website malware scanning